Sara Gilbert

What Human Resources Managers do:

Plan, direct, or coordinate human resources activities and staff of an organization.

Company: Casella Construction

Title: Human Resource Manager

What are 2 things you really like/enjoy about your job?
I love that my job forces me to constantly research and learn, and that I get to spend
time helping my colleagues discover new things about what they are capable of
accomplishing as members of our team at Casella Construction.

What Training have you received?
The most important training I’ve received for the job I have now has been “on the job training” in community development, but I am also very grateful to have a background in social science, which taught me to ask precise questions, seek the best advice I can, share what I’ve learned generously, and be respectful of those with whom I disagree.

What do you enjoy doing when you aren’t at work?
I enjoy relaxing with my family on my time off; when I’m by myself, my favorite thing is listening to stories or case studies about people, organizations, and companies that have accomplished amazing things. I usually listen while out on a walk or doing chores – it keeps me feeling inspired!

Jackie Eddy

Child, Family, and School Social Workers

Provide social services and assistance to improve the social and psychological functioning of children and their families and to maximize the family well-being and the academic functioning of children. May assist parents, arrange adoptions, and find foster homes for abandoned or abused children. In schools, they address such problems as teenage pregnancy, misbehavior, and truancy. May also advise teachers.

Company: Community Care Network – Rutland Mental Health Services
Title: Child & Family Outpatient Clinician

What are 2 things you really like/enjoy about your job?
I really enjoy working with families discovering and using their strengths to live their best lives and advocate for their rights and needs in the human services and legal systems.

What Training have you received?
I have an Associates in Police Science, Bachelors in Criminal Justice with Concentration in Psychology and Minor is Sociology, Post-Baccalaureate Paralegal Certification, Masters in Social Welfare with Concentration in Clinical Services, and trained in Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, Child and Family Therapy, and Substance Use services.

What do you enjoy doing when you aren’t at work?
Anything outside with my family!

Jessica Guardado

What Healthcare Social Workers do:

Provide individuals, families, and groups with the psychosocial support needed to cope with chronic, acute, or terminal illnesses. Services include advising family care givers, providing patient education and counseling, and making referrals for other services. May also provide care and case management or interventions designed to promote health, prevent disease, and address barriers to access to healthcare.

Company: Rutland Regional Medical Center
Title: Manager, Social Work Department

What are 2 things you really like/enjoy about your job?
Being creative about supporting patients in need of care. Assisting staff in their growth to provide excellent patient care.

What Training have you received?
Masters in Social Work, Boston College.
Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor, State of Vermont.
Tobacco Cessation Specialist.
Being a licensed clinician I am required to stay active in my learning and have 20 hours of ongoing education in my field each year.

What do you enjoy doing when you aren’t at work?
I enjoy hiking, rock climbing, growing things in my garden.